Sitemap - 2023 - ESG on a Sunday

Week 37: And... so what?

Week 36: A Reformation Proposal to Growth Religion

Week 35: Historic victory in Ecuador. It is poor people who do most for climate.

Week 34: 475% Activism, human rights criminals, and subsidies you are paying for

Week 33: ESG Radio Resonating Worldwide

Week 32: ESG is no Vegas Wedding

Week 30: Values matter. Always.

Week 29: It is not what it is

Week 28: 'No love' world

Week 27: Criminal fashion

Week 26: Radical honesty with Tariq Fancy

Week 25: Welcome to the age of modification!

Week 24: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso... a Divine Hypocrisy

Week 23: We must stop building a Soviet carbon economy

Week 22: An open letter to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Week 21: The stealthy impact of slow violence... and a glimmer of light

Week 20: Oh, what a party we have here!

Week 19: Understanding the weird ideologies behind Silicon Valley’s rightward turn

Week 18: Frankenstein is back, and his name is AI

Week 17: A look on the bright side!

Week 16: Are we just plain stupid?

Week 15: Remarkable findings in the first true materiality ESG analysis

Week 14: As ugly as it gets

Week 13: The real reason why Credit Suisse collapsed

Week 12: Banking is not about trust

Week 11: A story within a story...

Week 10: The big rip-off – and why you should be angry

Week 9: Less than 9% of Western firms have divested from Russia

Week 8: Do not go gentle into that good night

Week 7: Skiers to the climate rescue! ⛷

Week 6: The climate destruction is personal

Week 5: Introducing "Inverted ESG Analysis"

Week 4: Why double materiality matters

Week 3: A wall talking to itself (a report from Davos)

Week 2: In a world of contradictions & what Sultan al-Jaber really said

Week 1: What is our story? What is your story?