Sitemap - 2022 - ESG on a Sunday

Week 50: Goodbye 2022. What a year it hasn't been 😞

Week 49: The SDGs are not sustainable

Week 48: Say goodbye to ESG ratings

Week 47: What if the future of everything is now?

Week 46: A real nightmare

Week 45: Walking into an avalanche

Week 44: Climate emergency on a broken bench

Week 43: Capitalism, Climate Crisis and the Big Empty

Week 42: Welcome to a new era of local

Week 41: Tokyo Truth & Mike the Man

Week 40: Truth or power?

Week 39: We see things the way we are

Week 38: It’s time for ESG 2.0 – Interview with Ravi Chidambaram

Week 37: Fifty million slaves. 86% in the private sector. Here's what ESG investors can do.

Week 36: A nightmare it is

Week 35: The problem with China – from an ESG perspective

Week 34: Is it over?

Week 33: We get beaten every day. When is it enough?

Week 32: ESG is stronger than ever

Week 31: It's survey time!

Week 27: We pledge and we aim, therefore we lose

Week 26: Are we in a better place than 50 years ago?

Week 25: Abortion ruling is a violation of human rights

Week 24: ESG is something else

Week 23: What's next? The Dark Age or the Regenerative Age?

Week 22: Party over for ESG greenwashing?

Week 21: Welcome to the optional reality

Week 20: Ya running and ya running, but ya can't run away from yourself

Week 19: A climate reality check

Week 18: Abortion rights, union rights and the problem with carbon credits

Week 17: We can’t take the pain

Week 16: What if the war doesn’t end?

Week 15: Fossil fuels, yes. Climate refugees, no.

Week 14: Is this normal now?

Week 13: So now weapons are acceptable ESG investments?

Week 12: Investing in countries that are not free

Week 11: In the financial industry you must not speak about "you know who"

Week 10: The scary rise of traditionalism

Week 9: A historic ESG blunder and why we must start looking at China

Week 8: Doing business with Saruman

Week 7: Facts, deception, money and politics

Week 6: The endless nuclear waste problem

Week 5: Spinning the wheels in a dysfunctional world

Week 4: Why human rights are a nightmare in the ESG world

Week 3: ESG ratings are just opinions

Week 2: Can art change the world?

Week 1: Three 'trends' beyond ESG