Sitemap - 2021 - ESG on a Sunday

Week 51: Merry Electric Christmas ⚡️🎄

Week 50: The Arctic, the exploitation and the ripple effects

Week 49: How will you explain it to Ruth?

Week 48: The ice cold story of the vaccine rollout

Week 47: Nuclear fusion energy is coming. Will it save us?

Week 46: An abusive relationship

Week 45: The blank empty + one word that describes the COP 🎪

Week 44: Showbiz in the era of “sauve qui peut”

Week 43: Climate change is a spiritual crisis

Week 42: The silence is killing us. We need to roar!

Week 41: The COP drama is coming. The week after it’s long gone.

Week 40: Greenwashing, a weapon of mass destruction

Week 39: A letter from year 2050

Week 38: Mass poverty is here, but we don't care

Week 37: G20 countries are failing on climate targets

Week 36: Can you hear the ticking too?

Week 35: Humanity has a story to tell

Week 34: No room for economic growth

Week 33: "Where the Money Tree Grows"

Week 32: We need a system change – and this is how

Week 31: The missing P and C in ESG

Week 30: Ready to invest in an ESG fund, are you?

Week 29: Norway's oil and gas commitment is a punch in the face

Week 28: Do you want the red or the blue pill?

Week 27: There are two types of returns (and yes, it's getting hot out there!)

Week 26: Living in the age of climate disaster

Week 25: Welcome to the ESG theatre (PS: it's a tragicomedy)

Week 24: Swiss voters reject climate law

Week 23: Let's deal with the real world

Week 22: The rich, the poor and the climate emergency

Week 21: What now, Big Oil?

Week 20: Are our ESG investments off-track?

Week 19: ‘ESG on a Sunday’ turns 1 🎂

Week 18: Is biomass an energy source for the future?

Week 17: Why is no one talking about hydropower?

Week 16: Is nuclear part of our sustainable future?

Week 15: Stuck in a fossil past, present and future

Week 14: The climate emergency is personal

Week 13: When in trouble, just pretend everything is OK

Week 12: The dark treaty that could upend Europe's green future

Week 11: The net-zero circus

Week 10: The EU SFDR has arrived!

Week 9: ESG in the U.S. 🇺🇸

Week 8: ESG in Europe 🇪🇺

Week 7: War, peace and bitcoins

Week 6: ESG in Latin America 🌎

Week 5: ESG in Africa 🌍

Week 4: ESG in China 🐲

Week 3: How sustainable is Tesla?

Week 2: The big new concept of corporate philotimy

Week 1: The time rebellion

Week 53: How can we deliver a just transition?