Sitemap - 2020 - ESG on a Sunday

Top 10 ESG stories in 2020

Week 52: Degrowth or a Green New Deal? Or both?

Week 51: Which ESG trends will dominate 2021?

Week 50: We need to act now – and this is how!

Week 49: The climate emergency

Week 48: A new economic narrative

Week 47: How much did investors know about climate change?

Week 46: While Biden gives hope, we're heading for 4°C

Week 45: Are you ready for the next pandemic?

Week 44: How will the U.S. election affect ESG investing?

Week 43: Measuring the climate path of companies

Week 42: Are green bonds making a real difference?

Week 41: ESG data is not capturing real-world impact

Week 40: It's time for a systemic change

Week 39: China steps up in the fight against climate change

Week 38: The appallingly bad neoclassical economics of climate change

Week 37: It's time we get our hands dirty

Week 36: How can we close the emissions gap?

Week 35: We're still addicted to coal

Week 34: World’s governments are increasing fossil fuel production

Week 33: How sustainable is Facebook?

Week 32: Covid-19 is bad, but climate change is worse

Week 31: Democracy and climate change

Week 30: CEO’s are not qualified to lead us into a sustainable future

Week 29: The growing threat of methane

Week 28: What happened to the biofuel revolution?

Week 27: Climate crisis, water wars and rays of hope in Africa

Week 26: Dare to dream bigger... An analysis of Alibaba

Week 25: The European climate revolution

Week 24: Is H&M a sustainable company?

Week 23: Asset managers pay lip service to human rights

Week 22: How sustainable is Amazon?

Week 21: Is Covid-19 really helping the climate?

Week 20: Ten years with Big Oil

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